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We know you will love our photos, but in the off chance that they aren't what you were expecting we offer a 10 day money-back guarantee on all orders under $1000.

This service is for standard products under 15 lbs or 24 inches only and includes up to 3 pieces per photo. For other item types see links below.

Large & Heavy Items Product Photo 
Clothing Product Photography
Jewelry Product Photography 

Professional Watch & Jewelry Photo with White Background | Boost Your Online Sales

Showcase every fine detail of your bestsellers and latest additions and you’ll be able to increase your online sales the smart way. In a world in which more and more shoppers buy online, they’re becoming increasingly discerning about the quality of the images they’re presented with. Give them no reason to go anywhere else with crystal clear images captured by professionals and your business will thank you for it later.


  • Watch and jewelry photography delivered by experts with years of experience
  • Ship us a one-off piece, a new collection, or your entire inventory and we’ll do the rest
  • Receive high resolution, web ready files that are royalty-free worldwide as standard

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Our Team Has Been Shooting for Brands nonstop since 2011

At, we believe that great product photography should be accessible to everyone. Whether you're a small business just starting out or a major retailer looking to spruce up your online catalog, we can help. We've worked with over 1800 brands since 2011 and have delivered 160,000+ photos, so we know a thing or two about getting the perfect shot. Plus, we're always happy to go the extra mile to accommodate special requests or rush orders.

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Ken DauSchmidt
Ken DauSchmidt
Quick turnaround, quality product photos, great price.
Kristen Levine
Kristen Levine
I had a great experience working with Product Photo for my Amazon listing images. The communication back and forth was good, swift and my photos were delivered on time with no changes. I will be working with them again.
Esperanza Li
Esperanza Li
The photos capture the essence of the product. One happy experience.
Clipping Stock Limited
Clipping Stock Limited
Best of luck, good job, enjoy your life
Karen Jenz
Karen Jenz
Highly recommended. Photos are amazing ✓ Good price ✓ Fast and easy ✓ Very good service ✓ Looking forward to work with Sam in the future.
Greg Rowe
Greg Rowe
We are very happy with product photo! Their team was very engaging and helpful. Their customer service is exceptional in a business climate where customer service is non existent. Our package was perfect for our needs AND our budget. We are happy to have a partner for future our success like Preduct Photo!
Matthew Maruca
Matthew Maruca
Product photo is an amazing company and very easy to work with. I am so grateful that we found them for our white background product photography for our glasses. I couldn't recommend them more highly! Sam and the team are amazing. They have worked tirelessly with us to get our photos to be perfect.
Steve Lauver
Steve Lauver
Easy to work with, high quality, and timely. I gave them a very rough idea of what we wanted for photos and they came up with some really great shots that were better than expected.
Jay Otto
Jay Otto
Sam and team do a great job at a reasonable price. We have used Product Photo many times and have always been thrilled with their work. You can trust that they will turn your project out quickly with excellent results.

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To achieve a white background for your products in photography, use a well-lit environment, a white backdrop, and proper lighting techniques. Ensure even lighting to eliminate shadows and post-process the images if necessary to enhance the background's whiteness. Additional post production work to remove the background is often required.

The cost of white background photography can vary widely depending on factors like the photographer's expertise, location, equipment, and the number of products. It can range from a ten dollars per image for basic shots to hundreds of dollars for professional services.

Challenges with white background photography can include achieving even lighting, preventing shadows, ensuring accurate color representation, and post-processing to maintain a pure white background. Additionally, some products may have reflective or translucent surfaces that require specialized techniques.

To prevent shadows on a white background, use soft, diffused lighting, such as umbrellas or softboxes, to ensure even illumination. Position the lighting sources at angles that minimize shadows and use reflectors to bounce light back onto the subject, reducing harsh shadows.

Photographing products on a white background is important because it provides a clean, consistent, and professional look. It allows the product to stand out, eliminates distractions, and is preferred by many e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, for its uniformity and clarity.

A white backdrop may appear gray due to insufficient lighting, improper camera settings, or the camera's inability to distinguish white. Ensure adequate, even lighting, set the correct white balance, and adjust exposure settings to achieve a true white background.